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Transform learners’ experiences through peer-to-peer collaboration that drives deep engagement to build capability and shift mindsets.

Why Cahoot?

Collaborative learning that builds capability and shifts mindsets

Engagement is a precondition for effective learning. Yet many programs today are still developed traditionally, focusing on content overload with minimal input from the learner.

Cahoot is changing that by creating a transformative digital learning experience through learner-centred designed programs that foster relationships between peers to drive effective outcomes.

Everything you need to deliver an effective and engaging online learning program

A strategic partner you can trust

Cahoot is certified by the Education Alliance Finland for having an outstanding pedagogical approach and learner experience with an overall evaluation score of 95%!

Build a strong Culture of Learning

1 billion people will need to be re-skilled for the jobs of the future by 2030. With this pressing need, it has never been more important than now to build an intentional, strong Culture of Learning to keep up the speed of transformation and stay relevant.

Cahoot fosters a Culture of Learning by designing programs and activities that enable people to build relationships, reflect and apply the learning immediately, driving tangible change in the workforce.

Two learners learning together which builds a culture of learning
Two learners learning through Cahoot platform

Learn together, never alone

People learn best by working together. Our cohort-based model creates a conducive environment that fosters relationships by enabling learners with diverse backgrounds and disciplines to interact, share perspectives, and provide feedback.

It creates an uplift in capabilities through an active learning approach delivered through a mix of learning activities. We unleash the full potential of the learners, thought leaders and facilitators in highly efficient and effective ways.

After all, when one teaches, two learn.

Every program crafted to your needs

You don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach to learning. Neither do we. Our learning design team work with you to discover, strategise and tailor an approach best suited to your desired outcomes based on proven design techniques that optimise the learning experience.

We promise to work doubly hard to enable you to sit back, relax and watch the Cahoot magic unfold!

Woman at desk planning for programs
Two learners learning at their own pace outside of work

Learn from anywhere, anytime

Do you find it challenging to create learning programs that scale across geographies? Especially the ones that involve multiple time zones?

Cahoot platform enables learners to engage, post discussions and interact with their cohort flexibly across any part of the world, anywhere, anytime. All they need is just a device with internet access and voila, they are good to go!

Take your learner engagement further with real-time insights

How do you know if your training is delivering value and if learners are engaged?

Cahoot platform arms you with detailed analytics across thousands of micro touchpoints to quantify how engaged your learners are. We make it simple to get real-time insights with personalised dashboards that cater to the learner, facilitator and executive.

You can easily find out who has engaged most with the program, when they last logged in, time spent for each part of the program and more, so you can identify potential gaps and close them.

Woman looking at program analytics dashboard
Two people strategising for learning needs

Future proof your learning and development needs with a strategic partner

As you build and scale your organisation, the needs of your learners will grow and evolve too.

Cahoot works with you as a strategic partner to address any existing challenges, set forward-looking goals, implement, measure and track long-term progress to ensure that your learners stay ahead of their learning needs.

Are you a...

Business or L&D Leader in Organisations & Government Agencies?

The future of work is one where our workforce must constantly learn, unlearn and relearn. 

Build a culture of learning in your workplace through experiential learning that motivates, engages, and educates your people.

Thought Leader or Industry Expert in your field?

Share your deep knowledge with your audience, with the ability to scale whenever you need to.

With our learning design team partnering with you at every step of your way, we make it easy for you to focus on what matters to you the most, your business.

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Decide if Cahoot Learning is right for you.

Picking the right learning model is not an easy task, so we have put together the pros and cons of each model type to help you choose what you need. 

  • Cahoot Learning
  • eLearning
  • Face-to-face learning
Cahoot LearningeLearningFace-to-face learning
Learner Engagement
Teamwork & Collaboration
Consistency of Delivery
Visibility & Insights
Knowledge Retention?
Mindset Shift?
Behaviour Change?
Applied Learning?
Culture Building
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Return on Investment$ $ $$$ $

"The Cahoot Learning platform was fantastic and I believe that Austrade would not be able to achieve our learning objectives for our global audience without it."

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