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The rate of change in the global workforce due to digitisation and automation is significant. Fundamental shifts in the capabilities required to meet these challenges are a priority for every industry and profession.

The challenge for every organisation is how to best maintain proficient levels of business-as-usual whilst transitioning their business processes, models and workforce into the digitised world.

Lifelong learning has become an economic imperative for individuals, organisations and whole economies.

The Cahoot Academy’s unique and effective learning model has been honed through past collaborations with world leading learning institutions such as the Stanford Center for Professional Development and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The Cahoot Academy model:

  • Builds measurable capability uplift
  • Drives behaviour and mindset change
  • Develops community and networks across silos and disciplines
  • Is completely digital, takes just 3 weeks (2-3 hours per week) for a learner to gain certification
  • Delivers meaningful impact at scale.

Where content is not at the heart of the curriculum, your people are!

“Being able to interact and get the perspective of other participants from around the world is one of the most enjoyable parts of this course. Compared to my experiences taking other online courses, Cahoot’s promotion of collaboration and productivity is unique."

Maria Rodriguez

Maria Rodriguez

What does the Academy 4.0 focus on?

The Cahoot Academy courses are designed for wide business relevance and practical application.

Academy courses are not deep technical dives into subjects where months, even years of learning are needed. They are focussed on the real issues faced by millions of workers around the globe who have to be able to navigate their way through a Fourth Industrial world... now!

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For example…
Cyber Security is an issue your workforce is already facing with increasing regularity and complexity. They don’t need deep emersion into Cyber, they do need practical, real world risk tools and awareness so they can engage with suppliers, clients and even your own internal Cyber experts. It is to help them be the front line of your organisations risk strategy and to have the foundational skills to grow their cyber capabilities as this enormously complex issue grows and morphs in the coming weeks, months and years.

All Cahoot Academy courses are set to the same task. Broad, practical business critical capabilities rather than deep technical knowledge. These short, sharp and highly focussed learning sprints are how we can grow talent and workforce capability at scale.

The Cahoot Academy curriculum encompasses a range of specific industry 4.0 capabilities, including:

Digital literacy
Ai literacy
Written communication
Verbal communication
Presentation skills
Video communication
Problem solving
Data literacy
Cross cultural awareness
Interdisciplinary perspectives
Cyber literacy
Customer experience
Systems thinking
Design thinking
Team development
Agile execution
Paul Marca
“The combination of great content and an unbeatable real-time online platform creates learning opportunities like no other. Cahoot is pushing the educational boundaries and I for one am energized by its future!"

Paul Marca
First Vice President, The International Association For Continuing Engineering Education
Principal Consultant, Parallax Global Advisors, LLC
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The Cahoot Learning Experience

Enabling learners to drive transformation at work whilst achieving personal growth.

Research on adult learning and the science of behaviour change is reflected beautifully in Cahoot’s learning model. It makes a compelling case for how learning must be designed and delivered in this era. Highlights are:

  • Clear learning objectives with defined and measurable “from – to" uplift in capabilities that shift mind-sets and behaviours for individuals and teams
  • Multi-modal with a mix of interventions such as live and self-paced activities, cross disciplinary discussions, mentoring, assessments, team and cohort based assignments and creative brainstorming
  • Tailored to meet cohort and individual needs by embedding common competencies such as collaboration, communication, team work, resilience and leadership along with personal interventions to drive outcomes
  • Grounded in application and practice that are immediately drawn from and applied to the learner’s working world
  • Based on community and relationships where collaboration and social learning draws on the experiences and expertise of all-in-the-room (learners, subject matter experts and facilitators)
  • Real time learning analytics and learner progress
  • Digital credential to verify and showcase your achievement.

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In this practical and insightful course, participants will learn how to take simple steps to bridge the gaps between business and technology giving themselves and their organisation a competitive advantage.

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