Adaptive Leadership

With Andrea Clarke


Length: 3 weeks

Effort: 2 to 3 hours per week

Partner: FutureFitCo

Program overview

Adaptive Leadership is a transformative leadership experience focused on developing skills in adaptability and leadership in uncertainty.

FutureFitCo CEO Andrea Clarke brings decades of experience to this incredible program which offers learners the opportunity to recalibrate, reflect and plan for the future. Having an adaptive mindset is essential for not only dealing with change but thriving through it. It’s the superpower that drives your actions with purpose and potency in an otherwise ambiguous and changing landscape.

Who is it for?

Managers, new people leaders, future leaders.

Program Curriculum

  • Introduction and welcome
  • Contemporary case study of adaptive leadership
  • Group discussion
  • Capability Assessment
  • Live online meet and greet. Getting to know your program mates and facilitation team led by Leadership Coach to world-class CEOs, Andrea Clarke
  • How are you leading (yourself, family and others) in these challenging times and what is the leadership you are looking for?
  • Leading through change and becoming the leader you want… defining the future you
  • Being grounded in your values
  • Reputation Capital
  • Developing your Adaptive Quotient, AQ the new Q
  • Setting intentions and adopting an adaptive mindset
  • Exploring the framework for adaptive leadership: Engage, activate, release
  • Coming to terms with a world where you are constantly learning and adapting
  • Research what will supercharge your career and create your learning roadmap to make it happen
  • How to unlearn – why and what is that anyway?
  • Creating a vision for our future self
  • Your Adaptive Leadership Roadmap
  • Course project to uncover and explore personal strengths and attributes
  • Measure your personal progress of your Adaptive Leadership capabilities from day one to now.
  • Final team discussion on the experience.

Meet the Coach

Andrea Clarke

Cahoot Learning thought leader Andrea ClarkeAndrea Clarke likes to refer to herself as a recovering television news reporter who is obsessed with helping people accelerate their careers. As a correspondent, she covered major news events around the world for Al Jazeera English, the Pentagon Channel and Thomson Reuters before working on humanitarian aid programs to re-build Iraq and Afghanistan. Andrea then led the communication campaign for the Save Darfur advocacy movement to stop the genocide in Sudan.

She moved back to Australia in 2012, this is when she founded FutureFitCo with the purpose of helping people build confidence, communicate with authority and accelerate their careers. This was the inspiration for Andrea to write her first book – ‘Future Fit: How to Stay Relevant and Competitive in the Future of Work’. Her book ‘Future Fit’ was a finalist in the Australian Career Book Award 2019, a winner of the Australian Business Book of the Year 2019 and a finalist in the UK Business Book Awards 2020. Nothing is more rewarding for her than helping others succeed. 

How is it done?

Active learning with cohorts

Learners will generate ideas, present and deliver together with their peers to help get different perspectives, internalise learnings and identify ways to apply them in the workforce.

Deep reflections

Learners will have the opportunity to reflect and analyse what they have learnt, how far they have come, and how they can apply these learnings in the workforce.

Real-time insights

Learners get real-time insights on how far they are performing vs their cohort that helps set their pace and enjoy a healthy dose of competition at the same time.

Immersive experience

Learners get rich, snackable content that helps boost their retention. They are given tools that enable strong collaboration and deep conversations with their peers. 

“Most immersive and engaging course I have ever done. Coming into this course I had no idea what the delivery style was going to be like - to be honest I thought it would be a lot more 'death by slides'. How wrong I was... I have absolutely loved the immersive, interactive and collaborative nature of all the exercises.”

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