IPWEA + Cahoot Learning:
Building Capability in Asset Management

April 2014 - Present

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The Challenge.

Capability within public entities to manage their infrastructure assets has been the focus of the IPWEA for many years.

IPWEA was recognised as a leading association for infrastructure management professionals and was seeking for a way to scale capability development internationally while retaining the high standards of its face-to-face courses.

Building Success Together.

IPWEA engaged the Cahoot Learning team to assist with a total course redesign from a 4-day face-to-face program into a completely digital, community-based delivery, with a focus on:

Scaling it globally

Ensuring global learners can access this program, building stronger networked relationships between the learners, industry experts and IPWEA. A continuous improvement plan is also in place to ensure regular improvements to the program.

Industry-focused credentials

Developing a new type of industry-focused credentials, recognising the learner’s achievement for completing the program.

Practical and Applicable

Building a highly-practical program with the final assignment being an actual Asset Management Plan created from the learner’s organisation data, signed off by their manager and implementing back into their organisation.

Providing an immersive learning experience.



Participants draft an Asset Management Plan using their organisation’s own data.

Active Learning Pedagogy

Participants apply their learning immediately in real situations


Learning in Stages

Every participant is mentored through all stages of their asset management plan, which is based on data from their own organisation.


The collective knowledge of ideas, perspectives and challenges.


Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning


Target audience:
Civil Engineers

The course is completely digital with a blend of live (synchronous) and learn-as-you-like (asynchronous) elements.

10 weeks in total and
takes approximately
50 to 60 hours to complete.

7 Learning and activity modules plus a pre-course, final assignment and wrap-up modules.

Overall Outcomes.

World made up of people
Over 4000 professionals around the world are now alumni of the Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning.

Diamond winner for the Best eLearning Project by LearnX Awards 2022.

Program Summary 2020-2022.

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Learnt directly from their peers


Capability Uplift

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Graduates since 2020

Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, Canada and the United States and Europe

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Applying learning to workplace directly

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Engagement rating

Significant capability uplifts across 12 capability areas.

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Educated a generation of asset management professionals.

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Recognised as a global standard in Asset Management training.

Ensuring infrastructure assets and services that the community value is delivered efficiently today, providing certainty for the generations of tomorrow.

"The Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning effectively builds participants knowledge and understanding of asset management planning, however where this course really excels is the practical, applied and contextualized learning process which supports learners to get hands-on with their data, building an asset management plan, in a supported learning environment."
Jonathan Jones
Head of Education, IPWEA

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