It’s no longer sufficient to rely on IT teams to solve the challenges of cybersecurity in organisations.

As the first, second or third line of defence, individuals in business today need the skills and tools to manage cyber risk and maintain a defensive mindset when it comes to cybercrime.

Using real-world examples and the very best tools in experiential learning, Getting Cybersmart delves into the cyber threat landscape highlighting the potential dangers threatening business today, providing methods and frameworks to create and foster an ethical cyber security culture.

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Course outcomes

This course is short (8 to 10 hours over 3 weeks), sharp (very focused) and impacting (will change behaviour and grow your capability for the future). Building a community of practice and trust, learners work collaboratively with colleagues and coaches who will become a tight, trusted community over the 3 weeks… and maybe much longer.

In this practical and insightful course, we will cover the following key themes:

  • Understanding how valuable the skills of cyber safety are today
  • Gain knowledge of key cyber attack events (historic and contemporary)
  • Getting up to scratch with the cyber threat landscape: what are the threats and their potential impact?
  • Becoming knowledgeable and engaging in the potential responses/solutions to cyber attacks
  • Evaluating your role as cyber safety knowledge worker in your organisation
  • Building Self-awareness and habits in cyber safety
  • Learning how to foster and be part of a culture of cyber safety
  • Developing your own line of defence against cyber-attacks

The course experience

This will be a collaborative, community learning experience where the focus is on developing and demonstrating how to take simple steps to bridge the gaps between business and technology. Learners will be challenged to apply new, potentially life changing skills.

8 hours

The course will take approximately 8 to 10 hours to complete over 3 weeks.

multiple devices

You can participate at any time, from any computer or device (phone, tablet).

bite sized

There are bite-size videos (approx. 80 minutes) and the remaining 7 hours or so will all be about doing and exploring.

team project

One team project

live discussion

Two live discussions

Expert coaching

Expert coaching and support

Meet the Cyber safety coach

Dr Mihaela Ulieru

Dr Mihaela UlieruPresident, IMPACT Institute for the Digital Economy - Technology Alchemist Innovating at the nexus AI/IoT/Blockchain

Dr Mihaela Ulieru is an expert in distributed intelligent systems. For her scientific work which has positively impacted citizens in emerging and advanced economies including Asia Pac, North America and Europe she was awarded, among many others, the “Industrial Research Chair in Intelligent Systems” and the “Canada Research Chair in e-Society” and was appointed to numerous boards among which the Science Councils of Singapore, Canada and European Commission and to the Global Agenda Council of the World Economic Forum. She founded two research labs leading several international large-scale projects, among which: Self-organizing Security, Organic Governance, Adaptive Risk Management, Living Technologies and Emulating the Mind.

Course Details

Length: 3 weeks
Effort: 2 to 3 hours per week
Partner: The Impact Institute

Prices AUD$ (ex GST/Tax): $480pp
Volume discounts apply

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