Digital transformation demands that business be data-driven. Being data-driven requires a data literate workforce.

Data is everywhere, whether you realise it or not. Regardless of your role, you are immersed in it. It is becoming the lifeblood of business in every industry, in every context. Organisations must develop a data culture. As human beings we must learn to speak the language of data.

Learn from Stanford University Lecturer Cheryl Phillips through a three-week online segment that will equip you and your organisation with the knowledge and skills to not only speak the language of data, but tell powerful stories with it.

In addition to the three week segment taught by Cheryl Phillips, the Cahoot program includes facilitation and insights led by Dr Xavier Ho, an independent data visualization specialist.

There has been enormous growth in the art and science of data analytics. Significant time and capital are being invested into AI and other data rich projects. As a direct result there is a significant need for individuals across all areas of an organisation to develop their data literacy skills as data explorers and storytellers. Through this approach we build a data driven culture that champions data equity and celebrates data storytelling. This in turn fuels growth and significant potential value for you, your customers and the world at large.

Key themes in the course include:

  • Developing the skills to tell influential stories with data
  • Become a data explorer – what to look for, where and how to find it
  • Liberate your data – Clean data, dirty data? What’s the big deal?
  • How to future proof your career as a valuable data cultivator, regardless of your role
  • Learn to swim – does your company have a data lake? How about a pond? Your role as a data explorer and storyteller in your organisation.

The course experience

This will be a collaborative, community learning experience where the focus is on developing and demonstrating data literacy. Learners will be challenged to apply new, potentially life changing skills.

8 hours

The course will take approximately 8 hours to complete over 3 weeks.

multiple devices

You can participate at any time, from any computer or device (phone, tablet).

bite sized

There are short, bite-size videos (approx. 80 minutes) and the remaining 7 hours or so will all be about doing and exploring.


One individual project

live discussion

Two live discussions

Expert coaching

Expert coaching and support


Everyone who successfully navigates this 3 week course will receive certification of this achievement with recognition from the Stanford Online and Cahoot Academy.

“Amazing technology, I love the countdown timers on the videos, progress % etc. All helps to track progress and keep pace. Simple but extremely effective tools.”

Cahoot Academy course experts

Dr Xavier Ho
Monash University

Dr Xavier Ho Dr Xavier Ho is a hybrid design and software practitioner-researcher appointed at Monash Art, Design and Architecture. He led the Graph Visualisation Engineering team at CSIRO designing visualisations for machine learning on networked data. He also served as an individual contributor for UX design and scientific visualisation. His most notable contribution was for trailblazing the web version of Transport Network Strategic Investment Tool (TraNSIT), which was then recommended by the Office of Northern Australia, and won the Australian Government's Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper.

He has over seven years of industry experience in co-designing interactive data visualisation tools for research, government, businesses, and the everyday citizen. He was the lead front-end engineer on CSIRO's early algal bloom detection tool, and CSIRO Data61's Graincast, a grains yield forecasting platform. He served as a major working committee member of Pride@CSIRO, whose work was recognised by the inaugural CSIRO Diversity and Inclusion Medal by raising awareness and making institutional changes for LGBT+ equality at CSIRO.

Content powered by Stanford University presented by Cheryl Phillips

Cheryl Phillips
Stanford University Lecturer and Hearst Professional in Residence

Cheryl Phillips Cheryl Phillips has been teaching journalism at Stanford since 2014. Most recently, she founded Big Local News. She also is co-founder of the Stanford Open Policing Project, a cross-departmental effort to collect police interaction data and evaluate racial disparities. And she is a founding member of the California Civic Data Coalition, an effort to make California campaign finance data accessible.

Previously, Phillips worked at The Seattle Times for 12 years in a variety of reporting and editing roles with the investigations team and across the newsroom. In 2014, she was involved in coverage of a landslide that killed 43 people, which received a Pulitzer Prize for breaking news. In 2009, she was the lone editor in the newsroom when four police officers were shot at a coffee shop and was integrally involved in the subsequent coverage, which received a Pulitzer Prize for breaking news. She has twice been on teams that were Pulitzer finalists.

Course Curriculum

  • Understand the science of storytelling and how it can be applied in presenting data reports and visualisations
  • Considering the role of data exploring in your role and organisation
  • Learning methods and options for collecting and building data sets
  • A hands on experience working with messy data to clean and refine data
  • Building the skills to recognise patterns in data and create meaningful reports
  • Exploring the principles of visual design
  • Applying all the knowledge of the course to create your own data reports and visualisations

The project will be in three parts:

  • Week 1: Coming up with ideas and finding the data
  • Week 2: Cleaning the data and creating a mini report
  • Week 3: Visualising the data

“Loved it. I've done a lot of online learning and this is one of the best. I loved the comparative self- assessment at the start and end of the course, and the sharing posts which makes you accountable to others not just yourself.”

Course Details

Length: 3 weeks
Effort: 2 to 3 hours per week
Partner: Stanford Online

Prices AUD$ (ex GST/Tax): $480pp
Volume discounts apply

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