Frequently Asked Questions.

It depends on the scope and objective of your course, but Cahoot Learning has worked on courses that are complex for as little as ten days! Get in touch with us so we can understand your needs and provide the best solution for you.

We do both! If you have ready content that you wish to translate into a course, our learning design team helps identify areas to flesh out and create an engaging program out of it.

If you don’t have content, worry not! We have a ready pool of experts from industries and renowned universities who can create quality and relevant content for your learners. 

We understand that insight is crucial to help learners and trainers monitor their progress and make improvements along the way, which is why Cahoot Learning tracks thousands of micro-actions within the platform to provide customised dashboards for learners, trainers and facilitators.

Some of the insights that we provide engagement, pace, improvements in capabilities, number of posts and more.

In a learning management system, the administrator is responsible for controlling the content. That could be a trainer, a team leader, or the HR, who uploads courses into the system and make them available for the students. Learning experience platform, on the other hand, curates and creates content, provides personalised delivery, and allows for peer-based social learning.

Yes, we do! We believe that your brand identity must align with your program. That is why our platform is very flexible to allow design customisation and personalised content.

We understand that there are times when registrants are unable to attend the webinar or if they wish to re-watch it again to recap key points. That is why we not only provide the replays of your webinars, we also help to tidy up your webinar recordings to remove any irrelevant bits and add additional content where needed.

A cohort-based learning model is one where a group of learners advance through a program collaboratively. Leaders ideate, present, investigate and deliver together, providing an interactive and immersive experience that results in mindset shifts, behaviour changes, and a high likelihood to apply learnings back in the organisation. Cahoot Learning applies the cohort-based learning model to all its programs to drive effective learning outcomes.

We are more than happy to chat and understand your needs! Once you fill up the form in our site, we will be in touch within the next business day!

The Cahoot Learning website is mobile-optimised to enable learners to access their learnings anytime, anywhere they go, as long as they have their device and a stable internet connection!

Cahoot Learning creates learning communities, so every aspect of our platform allows peer-to-peer networking. From a cohort-based learning model that encourages learners to interact with each other to discussion boards that facilitate the exchange of views to GIFs/emojis that provide a light-hearted touch, Cahoot Learning makes it easy for learners to build relationships.

Organisations big and small work with Cahoot Learning to deliver cohort-based programs that create an impactful learning experience, drive measurable outcomes that changes mindset and shifts behaviour. Click here to find out more about how our clients have successfully achieved their learning outcomes.

Learning Management System allows organisations to push out structured content to their learners through videos and text, assess its people and track completion rates. It is typically a silo learning, and while it is usually efficient, this does not allow learners to interact with people or ask questions.


Cahoot Learning, on the other hand, focuses on the experience of the learner. Our cohort-based model allows learners to interact with their peers and trainer in both synchronous and asynchronous ways. Our learning design team creates digestible content that optimises memory retention. We track different types of metrics that help understand how engaged the learner is with the program. We seek to instill challenge and fun in all our programs that help drive mindset shifts, behavioural changes and build a culture of learning.

Active learning is the act of engaging learners through group discussions and high levels of cohort participation, which will deepen the learners’ conceptual understanding, analytical skills, and problem-solving skills. Cahoot Learning incorporates active learning in all its programs to ensure learners derive a strong understanding of the topics that can be applied back at work.

Hybrid learning combines both face-to-face and online delivery of a program to achieve learning outcomes. Cahoot Learning has helped organisations big and small build hybrid programs that achieve outstanding results with significant cost savings. Have a chat with Cahoot Learning to learn how to achieve your organisation's learning objectives with hybrid learning.

Thanks for your interest in Cahoot Learning! We are a digital workforce learning solutions provider that caters to organisations, government agencies and industry experts. Currently, we do not work on K-12 education programs.

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