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In Cahoots is an in-conversation series featuring bright minds & big hearts.

Barbara HarveyHead of Learning & Culture at Cahoot Learning, is in conversation with intriguing and inspiring storytellers to talk about life, work and learning.

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Previously on In Cahoots ...

Indigenous Storytelling for collective learning

with Dr Tyson Yunkaporta & Barbara Harvey

Rock star academic Dr Tyson Yunkaporta, author of “Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking can save the world” shares the importance of respecting different perspectives, the value of deep listening, the sacredness of the land and the power of recognising who holds the knowledge in moments and situations.

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Learn, Unlearn, Relearn

with Dr Sarah Brooker & Barbara Harvey

In conversation with Dr Sarah Brooker, author of “My Lucky Stroke”, shares her powerful story of the impact of a brain aneurysm and devastating car accident and her inspiring and positive approach to rehabilitation, learning and life.

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Ethical Leadership

with Professor Marc Stears & Barbara Harvey

Professor Marc Stears’ claims the vaccine for unethical behaviour is “connection”. Societies are becoming more polarised and the opportunities to be exposed to those different from ourselves are diminishing. In this conversation, Marc shares his thoughts on the power of connection and the tenets of ethical leadership.

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What In Cahoots participants had to say

These sessions need to go longer. So many inspiring things left unsaid!

Loved, loved, loved this session. Just wanted to hear more!

The experience is very authentic and human - I love the fact that you walk away feeling really inspired and very empathetic.

Barbara Harvey - In Cahoots Host

Meet the Cahoot Learning host

Barbara Harvey

Head of Learning & Culture @ Cahoot Learning

Barbara is the host of “In Cahoots” and is passionate about storytelling and people. Her background includes learning, facilitating and a stint in casting for the Australian film industry supplying hundreds of extras and actors to major productions including The Wolverine. She is passionate about creativity, innovation, positive psychology and learning and always welcomes a good book or movie recommendation! 

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