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Cahoot Learning helps your workforce learn better with engaging learner-centric programs that drive real tangible outcomes at scale.

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Cahoot Learning is revolutionalising workforce learning for professionals by designing dynamic experiences that enable your people to learn from each other in communities.

Curated quality content through storytelling

Grow the knowledge of your people with top-notch content from renowned universities, professional institutions and certified learning designers. Help them better retain their learning with curated, bite-sized material that is highly relevant and easy to remember. 

Build learning communities through shared purpose

Provide a safe space for your people to connect with their peers and enable them to learn, collaborate, support and grow together. Create lasting relationships that form a strong network that goes beyond the program. 

Make it fun for your people.

Cahoot Learning creates enjoyable learning experiences that are deeply engaging and drives mindset shifts and behavioural change. 


Break down silos

Leverage cohort-based learning to enable your people to interact with their peers, share their ideas and provide feedback for each other.


Jazz up with humour

Indulge your people with fun and play in their learning through GIFs, post-it notes, Live Chat, message boards, polls, and more.


Ignite the flame of learning

Drive deeper engagement with learner-centred programs that simplify challenging concepts and spark curiosity. 


Wherever they like it

Make it easy for your people to access their learning anytime, anywhere they want it, as long as they have an internet-ready device. 

Set your people up for success.

Cahoot Learning lets you track and measure the growth of your team so you can understand what works and what does not. With digital credentials, your people can proudly showcase their achievements to the wider world. 

Understand their progress

Get one unified view of your people’s learning progress. Use it to identify what they have done well and areas of improvement. 

Get support from peers

Get immediate support from their peers with the community they have built during the program.

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Encourage self-reflection

Allow your people to reflect pre-and-post learning to find out the level of progress made throughout the program.

Validate their achievements

Provide a stamp of approval with certification and a block-chain digital credential that can be showcased in professional networks such as LinkedIn.

Scale with a bigger audience.

Cahoot Learning helps you establish your digital event, look like a pro and deliver the biggest impact to your learning community with fully managed webinar services.

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Get a headstart

Simplify your registration journey with a custom event landing page, along with a secure payment gateway.

Increase recognition of your event with custom-branded communications.

Get in the thick of the action

Present confidently to your community with one-on-one coaching by a seasoned host on the nuts and bolts of the event. 

Provide your people with a seamless experience with support from hosts throughout the session. 

Get the whole picture

Track and access event data and feedback from your community through your personalised dashboard.

Issue trackable recordings and completion certificates to attendees after the session. 

Tap into the smarts of leading industry experts.

Cahoot Learning lets you choose between a ready list of programs led by industry experts or the ability to customise one to build the capabilities of your people. 


Industry-leading programs

Get access to programs created by leading thought leaders and renowned universities so that your people learn from only the very best. 


Bespoke programs

Personalise programs to address a specific growth area or challenge for your organisation.

Decide if Cahoot Learning is right for you.

Check out how our learning experience stack up against other learning models. 

"Cahoot Learning is our digital platform for taking our online education to the world. The constant innovation and development of the platform has responded to our growing wishes and needs. Cahoot Learning is a key element of our education and commercial success delivering engaging and interactive content and significant education outcomes. The support provided to us and our course participants is both responsive and personal. A truly great working partnership has developed."

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