Resilience at Work

With ripen


Length: 7 days

Effort: Approx. 8 hours over 7 days

Partner: ripen

Program overview

Resilience at Work is led by subject matter expert Matt Hughes, Principal @ ripen. This is a fast-paced 7-day collaborative, community learning experience where the focus is on becoming Resilient, not just getting told what Resilience is. 

Learners are given the challenge of applying new and potentially life-changing ways to their lives.

From monitoring mindset to regulating thoughts and emotions and finally to create habits and techniques in building and monitoring Resilience, your people can maintain optimal energy and physical health for immediate and sustained effort.

Who is it for?

People who wish to develop stronger resilience at work and on a personal level.

Program Curriculum

Increased understanding of ‘Resilience’:

  • What ‘Resilience’ is and the benefits
  • Situations requiring Resilience
  • Resilience abilities ‘born’ vs. learned
  • Measured current Resilience abilities 
  • Understand what ‘mindset’ is and its impacts 
  • Understand and apply ‘self-awareness’ to identify thoughts, emotions and behaviours

Self-awareness: Exploring the impact of Mindset on your outcomes

  • Understand the psychological connection between thoughts, emotions and behaviours
  • Awareness of how mindset impacts outcomes
  • Able to consciously monitor mindset in each moment

Self-awareness & Self-regulation: Taking charge of your Mindset

  • (Cont.) Awareness of how mindset impacts outcomes
  • (Cont.) Able to consciously monitor mindset in each moment
  • Enhanced social resilience through practicing empathising with others
  • Understand what it means to ‘self-regulate’ for increasing Resilience
  • Awareness of self-regulation techniques used by highly resilient people
  • Practiced challenging limiting thoughts for ongoing self-regulation

Self-regulation: Taking care of your physical and emotional wellbeing

  • Identified current activities for maintaining optimal physical, psychological, social and professional self-care
  • Awareness of best practice self-care habits for maintaining optimal Resilience
  • Identified prioritiy self-care habits for increasing and maintaining optimal Resilience 
  • Practiced managing emotions and self-care back ‘on-the-job’
  • Better able to manage emotions and apply a technique for emotion regulation

Self-regulation challenge: More time for ‘on-the-job’ practice

  • Practised managing emotions and self-care back ‘on-the-job’ 
  • Additional Resources for mastering Resilience at work

Self-regulation & Mental Agility: For navigating unexpected change

  • Awareness of self-regulation insights for maintaining Resilience
  • Enhanced social resilience through practising empathising with others
  • Awareness of different types of change currently being experienced 
  • Able consciously look at situations from multiple perspectives
  • Practise applying mental agility for navigating change differently

My Resilience Plan: Applying new Resilience abilities for lifelong benefits

  • Awareness of all the Resilience abilities and techniques learned and applied over this course
  • Re-measured ‘current’ Resilience abilities
  • A Personalised Resilience plan for continuing to apply Resilience abilities and techniques learned

Meet the Coach

Matt Hughes - Course Presenter

Matt navigated a career in corporate finance, consulting and strategy for over a decade across three continents, then he retrained in psychology to learn the Resilience skills and techniques used by elite performers.

In 2016 Matt founded ripen, and along with a team of expert Coaches has delivered proven Resilience training to organisations across 25+ countries, to help individuals thrive and teams perform at their best.

Elana Kohn - Coach & Facilitator

Elana has a 20+ year career in people transformation and coaching, helping people across many diverse backgrounds to achieve their health and career goals.

Elana has been facilitating Resilience training with ripen across the world throughout and since the pandemic, and uses her Coaching expertise to offer support and guidance to learners throughout the course. 

Linda Winterbottom - Coach & Facilitator

Linda has been a Rehabilitation Counsellor and Career transition Coach for the past 2 decades and is an expert at offering support and guidance to individuals navigating turbulent times.

Linda has been facilitating Resilience training with ripen since 2020, and enjoys sharing her experiences and learnings gathered along the way.”

How is it done?

Active learning with cohorts

Learners will generate ideas, present and deliver together with their peers to help get different perspectives, internalise learnings and identify ways to apply them in the workforce.

Deep reflections

Learners will have the opportunity to reflect and analyse what they have learnt, how far they have come, and how they can apply these learnings in the workforce.

Real-time insights

Learners get real-time insights on how far they are performing vs their cohort that helps set their pace and enjoy a healthy dose of competition at the same time. 

Immersive experience

Learners get rich, snackable content that helps boost their retention. They are given tools that enable strong collaboration and deep conversations with their peers. 

“This course has very systematically embedded some wonderful new skills, behaviours, processes and tools to make me a more effective manager and an even better person. I am truly grateful for the experience to participate."

Build a resilient team that sets your workforce apart

Learn how Resilience at Work helps your people adapt better to the changing needs of the organisation.