Get the support you need to create engaging webinars at every step of your learner journey.

Cahoot Learning lets you connect with your learners effortlessly at scale so that you can deliver the maximum impact to your learning community.

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Are you looking for professional help to manage your webinars?

Let Cahoot Learning support you all the way with fully managed webinar services that deliver the best engagement outcomes for your learners.
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Your brand reputation matters.
Let us help you protect it.

Safeproof your webinar

Swing into action knowing that you have an experienced team to take the reins should anything unpredictable happen during your webinar.

Keep your webinar secure

Arm your webinar with strong encryptions that are privacy-certified and regulatory-compliant, so that you can be confident that your webinar is safe and secure.

  • End-to-end encryption to secure your content
  • Security controls that prevent unauthorised users from joining meetings
  • Protects sensitive data leakage

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How Cahoot Learning works with you.

Before the webinar

  • Provide a personal touch to your event with customised registration pages and emails branded your way.
  • Make it easy for your learner to sign up with a secure payment gateway with automated receipts.
  • Get all interactions on learner registration in one place. Access it in real-time so that you can make better business decisions quickly.
  • Get personalised support from your Digital Delivery Manager that goes the extra mile to keep your webinar journey as smooth as possible.
  • Partner with a learning design team to map out ways to deepen engagement and bring your webinar to the next level.
  • Prepare for the webinar in advance with a host who guides every speaker through the webinar platform to ensure that their technical setup is good to go.
  • Overcome the stresses of presenting with a one-on-one coaching session from your experienced host, so you can be sure to perform at your best.

During the webinar

  • Bring your webinar to life with a host that supports you, helps set a positive tone and keeps the webinar on track whilst you interact and stay engaged with your learners.
  • Use multiple ways to connect with your learners to bring experiences and knowledge to the surface with chats, polls, highlighters, Q&A and more.

After the webinar

  • Send post-webinar recordings that protect your intellectual property, with the flexibility to limit the number of views per learner and set an expiry date so that you can choose the level of privacy you prefer. Plus, get an audit trail on who watched and who hasn’t.
  • Get insights on how well your webinar has performed with key metrics such as learner participation, engagement, feedback and more, so you can continuously improve for your future sessions. 

Our people are an extension of your team.
Cahoot Learning lets you...


Focus on what is important

Plan what works best for your learners and leave the technical know-how to us.

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Deliver a seamless webinar

Put your webinar in safe hands by leveraging on our extensive years of experience to overcome any unpredictable issues that may arise.


Deliver with confidence

Present confidently with the knowledge that you have a host to guide and support during your presentation so you can do what you do best.

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Keep the human touch

Continue to captivate your learners while you scale your webinar far and wide.

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"Presentation pace was excellent. The Poll section is really good to have interaction between presenter and audience."

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