Officially certified by the Education Alliance Finland.

Education Alliance Finland - Certified 2022

Cahoot Learning is honoured to have been officially certified by the Education Alliance Finland for having an outstanding pedagogical approach and learner experience with an overall evaluation score of 95%! That means that our product is exceptionally innovative and provides high educational value, and the content that we deliver is also done in an extremely meaningful and engaging way.

Who is Education Alliance Finland (EAF)?

Let’s take a step back to understand who the Education Alliance Finland is and why the certification means so much to Cahoot Learning.

Education Alliance Finland is an independent assessor that conducts impact evaluations based on global standards for learning solutions. They offer an academically sound approach to evaluating the pedagogical design of a product on the principles of educational psychology, developed with university researchers in Finland who, as a country, consistently ranks first for educational outcomes globally. They are also an official member of Education Finland.

With their scientific approach, and as a global education leader, this ensures that the evaluation audit is of high quality.

How is the audit done?

First, the EAF experts in user experience (UX) and pedagogy are provided with full access to the Cahoot Learning platform and learning materials, such as program plans and facilitator guides. These experts will then analyse the pedagogical approach and usability with their evaluation software.

From pedagogical approach to learning engagement to learning goals, more than 100 factors are evaluated with this audit!

Zooming specifically into the pedagogical approach is a scoring system from below 80 to 95+. And to be able to achieve the certification requires the audited organisation to score at least 80 and above. And in Cahoot Learning’s case, we are most proud to score one of the highest accolades of 95!
EAF rating system

Overall feedback by EAF

Cahoot Learning - Your strategic learning partner

The outstanding results are a strong validation and testament to our community-based learning approach. It further solidifies our purpose of inspiring a love of learning and drives us to deliver even better learning experiences!

If you are interested in learning more about Cahoot Learning or want to provide cohort-based learning programs and activities for your people that truly transform their learning experience based on a certified learning pedagogy, then contact us today.